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reads all kinds of messages for you when you are driving or are busy and you can not interact with your smartphone

GeorgeApp can:

- Read the messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Hangout, SMS

- Read emails from Gmail or your mail client

- Read the sender's name for the received messages

- Interact via Bluetooth with handsfree of any car

- Read messages using the smartphone's earphones or loudspeaker

- Read messages in all the languages ​​supported by your smartphone

How to use GeorgeApp:

- Activate George with just one tap

- Every time you run GeorgeApp it will read you the first 5 messages arrived

- George will read unlimited messages if you subscribe in-app subscription, which you can unsubscribe at any time

- The first month of subscription is FREE, offered by GeorgeApp

You can find a tutorial on how to use GeorgeApp in this video:

When using GeorgeApp:

- So as not to distract you from driving

- When you're on a bike

- While doing sports

- When you're busy and you can not use your smartphone


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